La Isla Bonita


“La Isla Bonita,” released by Madonna in 1987 on her “True Blue” album, is a melodic tribute to an idyllic island paradise. With its blend of Latin musical influences, including Spanish guitar and flamenco rhythms, the song evokes a sense of romantic escapism. Its lyrics speak of love and tranquility, capturing the allure of an exotic retreat. The song became a significant hit, topping charts worldwide and showcasing Madonna’s versatility in incorporating diverse cultural elements into her music.

In my guitar arrangement of “La Isla Bonita,” I aimed to add my own twist while staying true to the song’s Latin vibe. With intricate fingerpicking and dynamic chords, I’ve created a piece perfect for intermediate to advanced guitarists. It’s a blend of rhythm and melody, aiming to transport listeners to a tropical paradise with every strum. I focused on seamless transitions and expressive phrasing, hoping to leave a lasting impression on those who give it a listen.

In my guitar arrangement of “La Isla Bonita,” I offer two options: a “+Tabs” version for those who prefer tabs or a “Classic” version for those comfortable reading sheet music and looking for fewer pages.


Bellow you can watch a video performance of this arrangement.




+Tabs, Classical (No Tabs)


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