Shape of My Heart


“Shape of My Heart” is a reflective song by Sting from his 1993 album “Ten Summoner’s Tales.” Co-written with guitarist Dominic Miller, the song features a haunting melody and introspective lyrics. It tells the story of a card player who seeks deeper meaning in life rather than wealth or victory. The song’s melancholic tone and philosophical themes have made it one of Sting’s most beloved tracks, frequently covered and featured in films.

In my guitar arrangement of “Shape of My Heart,” I’ve worked hard to capture Sting’s vibe. With careful chords and fingerpicking, I’m aiming for that deep, moody feel that makes the song so special. It’s all about bringing out the emotion and storytelling through the strings. So, whether you’re a Sting fan or just love a good guitar tune, I hope my version hits you right in the feels!

I offer two options: a +Tabs version for those who prefer tabs or a classic version for those comfortable reading sheet music and looking for fewer pages. Both versions cater to intermediate to advanced guitarists, featuring intricate fingerpicking and dynamic chords to capture the song’s Latin vibe. Whether you prefer tabs or sheet music, my arrangement aims to transport you to a tropical paradise with every strum.

You can catch a video performance of this arrangement right below!


+Tabs, Classic (No Tabs)


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